“Each year hundreds of people die across South Asia due to extremely cold winter temperatures. Many of them lack basic items such as blankets to keep warm”

Al Tirmidhi reported from Abu Sa’id al-Khudri the the Prophet (S)said:

“Whoever feeds a hungry believer, Allah will feed him with the fruit of paradise on the day of judgment and whoever quenches his thirst, Allah will have his thirst quenched from the sealed nectar; and whoever clothes him Allah will clothe him with a green silk of paradise”.

Baghbaan in association with The Olive Branch Australia (TOBA) is distributing blankets in this extreme winter season in Northern Pakistan. As a part of this campaign, families will receive a set of 4 High Thermal Fleece (HTF) with polyfill blankets to keep them warm this winter.

If you would like to order blanket sets (AUD50 (USD38)  per set delivered to keep a family of 4 warm this winter) then please go to www.baghbaan.org.au/donate