Everyone deserves clean drinking water. Baghbaan aims at improving the clean water conditions of the third world countries  and contribute towards their bright future. Our team is working day and night to achieve its goal of making the world a healthier place to live in.

Our mission and goal are quite simple, yet a significant challenge – to help end the global water crisis and provide everyone in the world access to clean water in our lifetime.

Sponsor an entire water project or buy products. Your purchase help us in achieving our vision to safeguard the right to safe and healthy water for every human being and to develop an ecosystem of purity.

We are working with the followings-

  • Hand Pump Project
  • Solar Powered Water Delivery System
  • Every Water PoU Filter

Bank details for fee-free donations in Australia & Pakistan can be found here www.baghbaan.org.au/donate

Payments outside these can be done securely via PayPal online (incurs a 3.5% merchant fee) www.baghbaan.org.au/donate by clicking on ‘Donate Now’

How to donate