Team Baghbaan will In sha Allah be distributing Essential Food Ration Packs to families in need, Livelihood gifts to Widows, the elderly and the handicapped for sustainable income generation (Zakaat applicable) and Eid Gifts to the Children as well as organising Iftaar dinners during the blessed month.

Baghbaan Ramadan Campaign 2022

Our Food Pack Specifications this year are as follows:

Serial No Description Quantity
1 Flour 10 kg
2 Rice 5 kg
3 Cooking Oil 3L
4 Daal Moong 1 kg
5 Daal Masoor 1 kg
6 Daal Channa 1 kg
7 Besan 1 kg
8 Mixed Spices 250 gms
9 Salt 800 gms
10 Sugar 2 kg
11 Powder Milk 500 gms
12 Loose Tea leaves 475 gms
13 Dates 500 gms
14 Vermicillies 1 pack
15 Soap Bar (Dettol/Lifebuoy) 2 bars
16 3-ply face masks 10 Pieces

Total $55 per package (approx USD42 or PKR7300)

Please help your brethren in need with your Zakaat, Fitra and Fidya contributions & help us help the helpless. Donations can be made to the following account:

EFT Bank Details in Australia

Name: Baghbaan Inc.
Institution: St. George Bank Limited
BSB: 112-879
Account Number: 483656185
Reference: Ramadan Relief 2022-1443H

EFT Bank Details in Pakistan

Acct Name: Forward Looking Solutions (FLS)
Bank Name: Bank Al-Habib Limited
Address: Khayaban-e-Shamsher Branch, DHA, Phase 5, Karachi
Account No: 1025-0981-008701-01-6
IBAN: PK23BAHL1025098100870101
Ref: Ramadan 2022-1443H

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