Celebrate Eid-ul-Adha with the less fortunate & in need of your kindness

Allah (swt) says: “It is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah, it is your piety that reaches Him” (Al Qur’an, Ch:22 v:37)

Eid in Islam seeks to bring people together – to unite hearts and show mercy to one another; to join the ties of kinship & brotherhood with the disadvantaged & the ones in need and doing it tough.

Baghbaan started the Qurban project formally back in 2007 by undertaking Qurbani in the remote villages of Bagh (Azad Kashmir in Pakistan) on behalf of a few donors and meat was distributed right away to eligible families. Each year this number keeps growing thanks to generous donors such as you. We undertake Qurban distributions mainly in these villages but as our program expands, so does our distribution amongst the needy in the neighboring villages.

This year Baghbaan with your help is preparing for another big event. Your participation in the Baghbaan Qurban Appeal in 2018 will mean that Qurbani of a sacrificial animal will be made on your behalf (or on behalf of a loved one) on the Eid day(s) in some of the remotest and most deprived and poverty stricken villages in remote villages of Thar, Gharo in rural Sindh and slum areas of Karachi. Baghbaan has made extensive arrangements to undertake Qurbani and deliver the meat to the needy and poor living in great hardship in extreme hot weather.

The animals will be procured at various project locations and delivered to the needy by our team of volunteers.

Qurban 2018

Qurban Cost:

  • A Sacrificial Goat: A$160 (PKR15,000 approximately)
  • A Sacrificial Sheep: A$145 (PKR13,500 approximately)
  • A 1/7th share in a Cow: A$100 (PKR9,9,300 approximately)
  • A Sacrificial Cow: A$700 (PKR65,000 approximately)

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You can either make a payment direct into the Baghbaan account using our bank details found here.

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