Baghbaan School of Excellence

The Vision

The Baghbaan school of Excellence is a school building project which will aim to provide an enabling environment which is morally decent, hygienically clean and can lift a child from the depth of educational ‘darkness’ towards an enlightened Adulthood. The school will aid the child by providing all the tools necessary to lead a normal and happy life, allowing them ultimately to become a useful (i.e. responsible) part of their society as they grow and contribute as future citizens of their society. They will be tomorrow’s decision makers who are well-groomed & grounded individuals.

Next step… we need your help!

We need your assistance to raise $16,000 AU by December 5th to purchase the land which will be used to build the school project.

We will soon be outlining the plans and more details for the school, however in the meantime we need to raise the funds to secure the land so please click on the donate button below for more details on how you can donate to this project.

How to donate