Project Update:Sept 17th 2010

Heavy rainfall in Pakistan’s north-western region has caused the most severe flooding the country has seen in over 80 years, destroying buildings and infrastructure. Over 22 million people now affected, more than the population of Australia.

Baghbaan Inc. commenced work in Pakistan since October 2005 years and our teams who were already in the country dealing with our projects and initiatives such as the Kashmir earthquake, sweet water wells, widow-headed families and much more were able to respond rapidly to the floods. Within days of our initial efforts, we realised that the main call for help by thousands was for clean drinking water. As a result Baghbaan immediately commenced the ‘Water for Life’ initiative and the amazing result thankfully saw Baghbaan deliver clean drinking water to over 1200 families, however the people of Pakistan need more aid and help.

Interactive Map of flood affected areas:

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Latest Video Update:

Pakistan Floods

Statistics and Figures

  • 22 million people now affected (more than the population of Australia)
  • Current death toll (and quickly rising): 1,384 with another 1,680 people injured and more coming in every day.
  • 722,000 houses damage or destroyed.
  • 300,000 people evacuated from Sindth province alone (have a look at the interactive map).
  • 6 million people do not have access to clean drinking water.
  • 3.5 million children are at high risk of contracting water-born diseases.
  • Agriculture has taken a huge hit with over 3.2 million hectares representing 16% of cultivatable area destroyed.
  • 200,000 livestock has been lost and 100% of poultry lost in some districts.
  • 725,000 livestock also require emergency food and veterinary support.
  • Last week the UN asked for $460 million to fund an emergency response, so far only $148 million has been donated or pledged.

How can you help?

The first thing you can do is stop saying that this is too big for someone like me to help, any amount of aid that you can give whether even a small donation can make a huge difference to someone whose is thirsty or hungry. Your donation, will definately quench their thurst, calm their hunger or aid them in other ways.

We also have a list of essential items which we URGENTLY need your help with, these items can either be collected or purchased through your donations. Also, you could help us greatly by also avoiding to send items which are not required and hamper our efforts. Please see the list below for details:


  • Tents
  • Blankets
  • Flour, Lentels, chicpeas, oil, sugar, powdered milk, water purification tablets, bottled water and medicines
  • Kitchen Utenciles
  • Warm jackets, sweaters and cloths (not old, worn or dirty)


  1. Old, worn, dirty or ripped cloths, also please do not give any leather clothing

If you are going to send clothing please make sure they are near new.

Contact Baghbaan Directly

If you can’t help in any of the ways above please contact us because there may be ways that you can help us. We need all the help we can get, for example, you may not be able to donate much but may be you could spare an hour or two out of your day and help us pack the next container to of aid to Pakistan.