Horn of Africa: Project Background:

The Horn of Africa is experiencing the most severe food crisis in the world today, with Somalia being the hardest hit. This drought is considered as the worst drought in 50 years, In the first half of 2011, the number of people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance increased by almost 850,000 to some 2.85 million people, one in three Somalis. This number is expected to increase further.

This crisis in Somalia will have an increasingly devastating effect on other countries in the region. In the Horn of Africa there are currently already 10 million people in crisis, including the 2.85 million in Somalia. The number is increasing on a daily basis, 700 to 1000 of Somalis fleeing to Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti every day and Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya is receiving approximately 9,000 new inhabitants each week and the current population of the Dadaab camp stands at 400,000, nearly 4.5 times its intended capacity.

Baghbaan Response to Drought crisis:

BAGHBAAN INC. AUSTRALIA started its operation for the drought affected areas with an initial assessment and analysis to identify the major gaps which are caused by drought, BAGHBAAN INC. AUSTRALIA team started visiting the area from 17 August 2011, BAGHBAAN INC. AUSTRALIA arranged some meetings with the IPs and other organizations which are working in the area, the meetings were carried out for the coordination and sharing the information, introduction to the situation, planning, execution, monitoring, impact assessment, implementation and new assessment of drought affected areas.

Distribution and assessment Details:

On the second day Team traveled from Nairobi to Garissa which is located at 350 KM from Nairobi city, it takes 5 to 6 hours time coming from Nairobi, during the journey team also visited the affected areas of Kenya which are effected y drought, the visited to village Bangale, Mwingi and Thika to assess to drought situation, it is observed that most of the communities have no access to clean drinking water and food, most of the communities wait at road side to get water from visitors, BAGHBAAN INC. AUSTRALIA team also contributed to distribute bottle water to road side communities during travelling.

On the 3rd day the team visited to Dadab which is located at 120 KM away from Gareesa, mostly refugees come from Somalia to Dadab to get food because all the NGO’s set up base camp for refugees, BAGHBAAN INC. AUSTRALIA Distributed 1000 food packages to affected communities which are from Somalia and Kenya, with the help of North American Muslim Foundation Canada.

The benefited population is from Laba sigale village, Nyanyo village, Bula khair, Abakale village and saretho village, the food package includes wheat flour, maize, rise, oil, sugar, salt and match box.

BAGHBAAN INC. AUSTRALIA Team visited other areas which are also affected by drought; Unavailability of water has following impacts:

More than 55% of the population in Somalia is nomads depending on livestock for their livelihood and they are the most hit by the current drought, mostly animal died in the area to unavailability of water.

The IDPS have no clean water access and in addition to the severe malnutrition; an acute outbreak of diarrhea, cholera, scabies and measles cases have been reported. Mortality deaths have also been reported.

With roughly 50% of population’s cereal requirements are met through domestic production, Agriculture is a major component particularly for two of the main rural livelihood systems in the Horn of African countries.

Water is not available:

BAGHBAAN INC. AUSTRALIA team visited most of the affected communities which are located in Somalia border, as water scarcity is the first problem in entire affected areas. Almost all water points such as shallow wells, ponds and birkas (an underground tank) dried up because of long time lack of rains. There is high over utilization of the still functioning bore holes. Some even have mechanical problems. A 200 litre of water costs $ 10 in Togdher region which is one of the most hit region, lack of water has impact not even in the community but on entire infrastructure, schools, hospitals, community tap stands, sanitation system, sewage lines and all over the area.

The villages are lago, Hagarbul, Mansa, Bubu, Districct Modogash and surroundings, village barquqe which is located about 25 KM from Modagash, Dujis, Griftu, and Shimbbiry.

Need assessment:

It is observed and found that there is extreme need of water in the drought affected areas, water can be arranged through bore holes, water tinkering, shallow wells and overhead water tanks, heavy engines are required to uplift water to overhead tanks and supply of water will be proceed by pipelines and tap stands to communities.

Following supplies are a red hot priority:

  • Food items
  • Clean Drinking Water (Portable)
  • Medical Camps
  • Female hygiene kits
  • Clothes for Kids and general population

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