Celebrate Eid-ul-Adha with the less fortunate & in need of your kindness

Allah (swt) says: “It is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah, it is your piety that reaches Him” (Al Qur’an, Ch:22 v:37)

Eid in Islam seeks to bring people together – to unite hearts and show mercy to one another; to join the ties of kinship & brotherhood with the disadvantaged & the ones in need and doing it tough.

Each year Baghbaan undertakes your Qurban on the occasion of Eidul Adha to provide clean and fresh meat to people who may only get to have it once a year at this time.

This year the need is greater and we must do more to help the people who have suddenly lost their only source of income due to the recent floods and with soaring inflation have little or no means to feed to their children.

Baghbaan Qurbaan Campaign

Qurban Cost:

  • A Sacrificial Goat: A$185
  • A 1/7th share in a Cow: A$125
  • A Sacrificial Cow: A$850

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