Distributing flood relief among the Flood affected people in Pakistan

Baghbaan Flood Relief Appeal for Pakistan 2022. You can join us!

I just returned from Pakistan last week and the floodwaters have devastated many vast areas in Pakistan since so flood affected people need flood relief on an emergency basis.

These are photos of the flood condition in District Badin. However people all over Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab & KPK are suffering due to heavy torrential rains, the grounds were saturated and the flash floods have washed houses away.

The people have NO access to basic needs like food & shelter. It is our responsibility to Help the flood victims and serve humanity in any way we can.

We are preparing to distribute flood relief and tarpaulin tents on an emergency basis in Badin. We will work on some sturdy pre-fabricated shelter solutions once the water recedes In sha Allah.

Please contribute funds and assist us in the best way you can.