Baghbaan Incorporated – The Story and Vision

Baghbaan came into fruition when a team of volunteers from all over the world joined hands to address the challenges after the Kashmir earthquake in 2005. Since then Baghbaan has been involved in numerous projects in Pakistan focused not just on relief, but also on-going support of life. We’re not just there when it happens; we stay there to support the growth of those who were affected.

Every charity is most needed and does amazing work, however Baghbaan takes great pride in the fact that our projects aim to be both innovative and sustainable and that all donations that come to any Baghbaan project will go to that project with minimal administration fee deductions.

Our sole purpose is to offer a positive change into the lives of those who need help through the uplifting initiatives which we undertake. If you would like to know more about Baghbaan then please contact us.

Baghbaan Incorporated will be commencing more projects to provide water for life, food aid, educational sponsorships, vocational skill training & basic daily needs but we desperately NEED YOUR HELP!!

Baghbaan Documentary Watch The Baghbaan Video Documentary.

Baghbaan Documentary Baghbaan Founder Visit & Vision.


The Baghbaan team