Help Baghbaan help the needy people of Pakistan! A kind donation no matter how small can make a big difference!

Baghbaan Documentary Watch The Baghbaan Ramadan Relief 2014 (Pakistan) Documentary
Baghbaan Documentary Watch The Baghbaan Emergency Flood Relief (Pakistan) Documentary

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Facebook: Mohammed Malooq.

Great work by Baghbaan team to support poor people in this blessed month, may Allah reward all who have contributed to this cause.

Kashmir EarthquakePakistan Earthquake

Pakistan was hit with a 7.7 magnitude earthquake on Sept 24 affecting many people in the Baluchistan province, help Baghbaan assist those in need.

Widow headed familiesWidow headed Families

Come see our success story and strategy behind our Widow Headed Sponsorship program, you too can change the lives of families.

Qurban Project Qurban 2020

Every year Baghbaan executes our Qurban Project to provide clean and fresh meat to people who may only see it once a year.

Water for lifeWater for Life

See how your donations helps those who are in the desperate need of water, and please help us help others who need water.