Help Baghbaan help the needy people of Pakistan! A kind donation no matter how small can make a big difference!

Baghbaan Documentary Watch The Baghbaan Ramadan Relief 2023 (Pakistan)

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💙Empower Lives with Clean Water: Join Baghbaan’s Mission

Transforming Lives, One Drop at a Time!
Join Baghbaan in our relentless mission to provide clean drinking water to disadvantaged communities in remote areas of Pakistan. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to bring hope to flood-affected Sindh, the arid deserts of Tharparkar, and remote regions of KPK. Together, we’re creating a brighter future and a healthier world.

💧 Our Mission: Combat the global water crisis and ensure clean water for all.

With your support, we can make this mission a reality. Sponsor a water project or purchase our water filtration products today to become an integral part of our vision. Together, we can protect the fundamental right to clean and safe drinking water for every individual, fostering a pure, healthy, and thriving ecosystem.

Join us in transforming lives and building a better world. Together, we can make clean water accessible to all within our lifetime. Let’s make waves of change!

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Water for life Water For Life

See how you can help those in desperate need of water for drinking purposes. Your kind generous donations help us help them access safe drinking water.

Kashmir EarthquakeFlood 2023 Pakistan

The people have NO access to basic needs like food & shelter. It is our responsibility to Help the flood victims and serve humanity in any way we can.

Baghbaan DocumentaryWatch the Baghbaan flood relief distribution in Pakistan

Widow headed familiesWidow headed Families

Come see our success story and strategy behind our Widow Headed Sponsorship program, you too can change the lives of families.

Winter – Cover Me

See how your donations helps those who are in the desperate need of clothes, and please help us help others who need winter clothes.

Qurban Project Qurban 2023

Every year Baghbaan executes our Qurban Project to provide clean and fresh meat to people who may only see it once a year.

Ramadan 2023

Team Baghbaan will In sha Allah be distributing Essential Food Ration Packs to families in need, Livelihood gifts to Widows, the elderly and the handicapped for sustainable income generation (Zakaat applicable) and Eid Gifts to the Children as well as organising Iftaar dinners during the blessed month.


Mohammed Malooq.

Great work by Baghbaan team to support poor people in this blessed month, may Allah reward all who have contributed to this cause.